Bikini Sports

Do you wear your skinny micro bikini just about everywhere and all the time? If so, here are some bikini sports for you to show off your barely-there swimsuit at competitions and friendly romps. The bikini is for more than walking along the beach or lounging by the pool, and it’s durable and flexible enough to wear through the most rugged and rugged sports out there. Check out our list of swimwear sports to choose an activity to participate in for great bikini fun.

Beach Volleyball

In the 1990s, the bikini became the official uniform of many female volleyball players. It is worn for its extreme athleticism and ability to dive and reach for high and low balls without compromising comfort.


Jogging or sprinting is the perfect sport to wear your bikini, and it is extremely stable and allows you to run for an exceptionally long while remaining intact. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, runner Florence Griffith-Joyner mixed bikini bottoms with long, single-leg tights, which made her run faster.


Everyone knows that handball is a game of speed and concentration. Wearing a bikini ensures the endurance of vigorous and solid play. You can be extra bouncy and unrestricted as you bend and fold your body into different positions to hit the ball.


These days, more women are taking part in this shaggy sport while wearing skimpy micro bikinis. You can perform grandiose body maneuvers while looking sexy at the same time. Ruffle your opponent’s feathers by putting them in a master lock while wearing a sexy Brazilian bikini.


Since the emergence of the lingerie football competition, women have been practicing this sport with vigor and determination. Wearing a bikini while playing a soccer-friendly match with your friends is exciting and challenging. Grab your best friend with a thong and watch everyone go crazy.

The bikini is not only used as an aid for swimming or modeling, but it has become part of a new usage genre that evolves with each passing season. So the next time you feel like working up a sweat, pull out public enemy # 1 and yell, “Go bikini!”

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